RSPCA Wants Baby “Socks for Cats”

London’s RSPCA branch has issued an appeal to the public for baby socks for cats. These will be used to keep kittens and cats warm after operations. These socks can get old and will be used to cover feline paws at Putney Animal Hospital while they are recovering from anaesthetic. They tend to lose heat through the pads on the feet.

Even cuter is the fact that some socks can be made into all-in-ones to help tiny orphaned kittens.

The cuties, which are hand-reared, often try to lick each other because they are confused. This can cause soreness. The makeshift jumpers, made from socks, prevent this.

It’s too cute.

When cats are recovering from anaesthesia, they wear socks on their paws (Credit: RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital).
After surgery, the cats require baby socks to prevent heat from escaping their pads (Credit: RSPCA Putney animal hospital).
RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital appealed to the public via Facebook: “We are running out of baby socks for cats here, and we would be grateful if anyone could send us any spares/old ones.”

It seems that cats are not the only ones who benefit. The simple item can also be used to help birds, dogs, and rabbits.

The hospital shared how one bird benefited from a simple Facebook sock.

These socks make cute and practical jumpers for kittens (Credit to RSPCA Putney Animal Hospital).
It stated: “This was our little Princess Budge, who was very uncomfortable and cold after she lost a lot of feathers in a fight with another budgie (which she didn’t win).
“We were able to cut holes in baby socks for her and used it as a makeshift sweater to keep her warm while she was recovering.”

The hospital explained that Cedric, the Lurcher dog, uses a sock to prevent him from scratching.

Emma Turner, ward supervisor in Putney, stated that they are short of baby socks for cats and animals and would appreciate any spares.
“Knitted socks are a great option for any knitter out there.

“Socks for cats can be used for many purposes, including to retain heat after operations. We have also made them into jumpers for our orphaned kittens.”

Please send socks to Putney Animal Hospital at 6 Clarendon Drive London SW15 1AA if you are able to help.