Wild Blue Cats: Meet them!

Wild Blue Cats, a 501(c),(3) non-profit, is dedicated to saving the lives of kittens and cats who have been abandoned, neglected, displaced, or surrendered. We also seek permanent homes for them or foster or sanctuary care. We also support the efforts of those within city limits by conducting Trap, Neuter, Release ventures (TNR). All cats that we assist are spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If they are not feral, they are microchipped.

Wild Blue Cats It is located in the Black Forest, NE Colorado Springs, CO. Our cats love the beautiful environment and so do their volunteers, adopters, visitors.

Wild Blue Cats! Our foster family network is extensive and houses only kittens who have been rescued and adopted. Our fosters care for kittens from neonatal to adulthood, and also help with pregnant cats and kittens. Sometimes, a foster home can also be used as a final resting spot for a cat that requires hospice care to end its human life.

Wild Blue Cats also includes Maya’s Friends Wildheart Village. Maya’s is an outdoor, 100 foot-by-200 foot, netted enclosure that houses our feral cats. It has a heated shed, lots of hiding places, and a heated shed. They live a happy life, being loved and cared for by volunteers every day. Some are even adopted depending on their adaptability and stress levels.

2021 Future Plans for Wild Blue Cats …..Grounds

Update June 2021 — Although it took us a while to get all the permits in the county, we have finally completed the building permit process. We have been approved to proceed! We are approved to move forward!

How would you like to be a friend to Wild Blue Cats’ felines?

You or someone you know can be a “Wild Blue Bestie!”

Any dollar amount can be used to support your monthly “love” donation. Click on the “Donate Now” icon to the left and follow the prompts. Make sure you check the box “Make it a monthly donation.” Our goal is to provide continuous and sustained support that allows us to budget how many cats we can help each month, as well as having funds available for any unforeseen circumstances. You can be sure that we will say “Yes!” to every kitty in need for just a small amount each month. Get a “Wild Blue Bestie” button to show your support of all kitties!