Dog friendly Breweries

Dog friendly Breweries

Dog friendly Breweries that provide what we consider to be the best accommodations for dogs-accompanied patrons. Craft beer enthusiasts are generally cool and hip. They love to share a cold one with their friends and talk about dreams, hopes, and hops. Craft beer enthusiasts embrace the idea of a relaxed, laid-back, friendly environment that promotes relaxation and pure enjoyment of great beers.

As diverse as the tasting rooms themselves

Many breweries are committed to creating a relaxed and welcoming environment for everyone. About half of the 100 Dog friendly Breweries are dog friendly. These breweries usually have some type of fenced outdoor space where dogs and their owners are permitted.

The space is key for the “Dog friendly Breweries” location seeker. These are the five Dog friendly Breweries I consider to offer the best accommodations for dog-accompanied patrons. What are the criteria? Each place must have enough space to accommodate both dog owners and non-owners.


Green Flash is all about great beer. It’s also about having great beer in a relaxing environment – Green Flash is all space. It feels like you are in a beer cathedral when you enter the tasting room. Concrete walls, kegs and pallets of beer rise high up into the air. The simple, uncluttered design allows the floor plan to unfold in front of your eyes. (Officially, it takes 4,000 square feet to do that!


Many dog-loving San Diego Padres fan have discovered that Mission Brewery offers a wide selection of delicious craft beers. This large, 3,000-square-foot tasting room is located in the former Wonder Bread factory (built 1894) and offers plenty of indoor space to accommodate multiple guests with your dog.


Although it’s relatively new, Societe is already a household name in San Diego’s craft beer scene. Societe’s stellar selection of hop-centric beers and their impressive barrel program have made it a Mecca for serious beer lovers, including many with dogs.


Mother Earth was originally opened in a homebrew shop, but it has been a popular hangout ever since. Mother Earth Brewing grew out of its original 2200 square foot industrial space and opened a tap house in downtown Vista. The beers are great and the service is excellent. But, Mother Earth Brewing’s vibe is still full of fun and a quintessential SoCal mellowness. This makes it easy for people to relax and enjoy.