How to keep your dog cool in summer

It can be hard to keep pets cool during the summer heat. We need to first determine how hot they are feeling. Although panting can often be a sign of heat, we must then come up with creative ways to make them feel more comfortable so they don’t overheat.

The Pet Express understands how important it can be to keep your dog’s temperature under control. We have compiled a list of our favorite cooling products to help you and your pet beat the heat.

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Cooling mats

The Rosewood Cooling Mat is activated by your dog’s weight. It will maintain a temperature slightly lower than the surrounding conditions. This cooling material doesn’t require water or freezing to work. It will adjust to the temperature of your dog when it lies down. You can roll it up and take it on vacation with you so that your dog always has a cool place to cool off.

Swimming Pools

The Rosewood Cool Down Foldable Swimming Pool is quick and easy to use. The pool is made of MDF fortified to prevent punctures. There is also a side valve that lets you release water when it is time to fold away. This is the perfect way to let your dog cool off while having fun in the sun.

Cool down beds

Rosewood Luxury Cool Down Pet Bed features a unique gel core that activates when your dog is lying down. This will help to cool them down and provide some relief from heat.

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Cool down coats

The Prestige Cooling Down Coat activates by water. It is lightweight, cool, and soft to touch. To get started, simply soak the coat in water. As the day progresses, the water will evaporate and take with it heat from your dog’s skin. You can repeat this process as many times throughout the day as necessary.

Your dog should always have access to cool water, especially in the summer. Your dog will feel the heat if it is too hot for you.

Holiday Care for Your Pet

Millions of people yearn for a vacation, no matter where they are located. Many people plan holidays that accommodate pets such as camping, lodges or hotels that are pet-friendly. However, it is not always possible to provide care for our pets.

This is a difficult decision that must be made. We have compiled a list of options and suggested the steps you can take to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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House Sitter

This is often the most disruptive option. Your cat or dog will be able to carry on their daily routine by asking someone they trust to stay at your home.

Give your house sitter a list detailing their walking and feeding times. Make sure they have plenty of their favorite food. In case of an emergency, make a list of contact numbers for your phone, family members, and your vet.

Boarding Kennels

Your local boarding kennel can often provide the best holiday care for your pet. Begin by looking into the boarding kennels in your area. Ask around for recommendations from family and friends. Especially during summer, it is likely that available places will sell quickly. Ask if you are allowed to visit the kennel once you have decided on a location. You should ensure that your cat or dog has plenty of space and is allowed to roam outside. Ask about how many staff are available at once and whether your pet will see the same friendly faces every day.

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Ask a Friend

Ask a trusted friend to take care of your pet dog or cat at their home. Ask your friend if they are comfortable with animals and if they would be willing to take on a temporary pet. This could mean that your dog might not be able to care for a friend if they are nervous around children.