The secret recipe for chicken

The internet is abuzz with claims that the secret mixture of 11 herbs, spices and other ingredients behind KFC’s fried chicken empire has been accidentally revealed to the rest of the world in the past few days.

Online and media speculation has been rampant that one of the most storied and guarded secrets in fast food history has been revealed.

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For many years, secret herbs and spices have been a magnet for people’s imagination. These herbs and spices are gone, but what’s left? Chicken. Where does the chicken get its meat? That’s the secret. We don’t know.

Many people don’t know or understand the plight of meat-chickens in other parts of the world. While we are aware of the welfare issues that laying hens face, it is important to make people more aware of the suffering in industrially raised chickens.

Unnaturally short life

Most people imagine chickens free-running around, pecking, scratching and stretching their wings. This is the normal behavior of chickens. This is not the way billions of chickens are reared before becoming meat.

Most people would be shocked to learn that a meat chicken raised in intensive farming will die within six weeks of being slaughtered.

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They are genetically selected to grow so fast that their bones and hearts cannot keep up. Because their legs are hurting or deformed, they squat in dirt litter. Common causes of death include heart attacks and swollen hearts, which can’t supply enough oxygen to their large breast muscles.

The chickens are kept in a shed with artificial lighting that can hold between 20,000 and 30,000 birds. Our Sunday roast chicken will be able to bake in the oven more when it is dead than if it was raised in an industrial shed.

Many industrial sheds don’t have any enrichment or natural light. There is no place to scratch, peck, or spread your wings. Most chickens will eat their own waste and then suffer ammonia burns.

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A factory-farmed chicken meat is not natural and is difficult to recognize as a chicken that was naturally raised. It hides from the public and doesn’t have a life that is worth living before becoming meat.

Find out where your chicken is from

We are not saying that chicken should be avoided. Chicken is one of the most loved meats in the world. We are asking that you take care of where the chicken is from. Millions of chickens don’t have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. Chickens, like all animals, are still animals before becoming meat.

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We’ll launch a new campaign in the coming weeks to help you better understand the issues so that you can make informed choices about your food and stand up for the millions of meat chickens being exploited worldwide.