A review of Travel Fishing Rod Sleeves and Tubes, Socks, Tubes and Cases

This blog will cover everything you need to know about protecting your Travel Fishing Rod while on the road, including how to fill up your truck and fly with it. You should always check the rules and regulations of the airline before bringing any equipment or fishing rods along on your trip. 

You can choose to take your fishing rods with you, whether you are a Travel Fishing Rod angler or a fisherman on vacation.

Sleeves for MHX Spinning and Casting Travel Fishing Rod Sleeves

The MHX Casting Travel Fishing Rod Sleeve and MHX Spinning Rod Sleeve are stylish storage solutions that protect your rods from any damage. The sleeve protects the blank, line guides and tip of the rod while transporting and storage.

These sleeves can be used to protect and store your MHX rods. They also feature a unique material that won’t mold or mildew. The rubberized coating at the bell end makes it virtually impossible for hook penetration and reduces tangles when being transported.

The MHX rod sleeves are available in lengths from 6’6′” to 7’6’’ rods. They can be used with a variety of fishing rods.

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Clear Creek Cloth Rod Sock Clear Creek Rod Sock has been designed to be simple, organized, and cost-effective. It is ideal for protecting fly rods, spinning, or casting rods, while traveling.

Clear creek rod socks are made from a soft microfiber suede, which protects your Travel Fishing Rod from scratches and nicks. These rod socks are versatile enough to hold any size travel rod, from 1-piece up to 4-pieces.

For added protection, each sock has a flap-and-tie closure. This can be used alone or in a rod tube. We’ll discuss more about the rod tube method below.

Clear Creek Cloth Rod Socks available now

These rod socks can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. Please allow extra time for shipping. *

St. Croix Cloth Travel Fishing Rod Sacks St. Croix Cloth Travel Fishing Rod Sack is a combination of a super soft cloth with separate sewn-in compartments. This makes it easier to pack rods and protects them from damage.

This rod bag is designed to fit both freshwater and saltwater rods 

St. Croix rod bags provide extra protection for fishing rods, whether they are being transported or stored.

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Rod Tubes and cases for travel fishing rods Many anglers are aware that there is a big difference between packing your gear for a quick trip to the local lake and preparing your gear to travel thousands miles to reach your destination.

The question is, which rod case travel fishing rod or rod tube works best in each situation?

The St. Croix Traveler Rod Cas St. Croix Traveler rod cases feature a tough 1000 denier nylon-covered P.V.C. The handle has reinforced support and foam padding at the ends to protect the rod tips.

The Traveler Rod Case has divided nylon liners that separate and protect each section without the need to purchase a rod bag.

You have two choices when it comes to rod cases: either the Traveler Rod Case, which holds the rod only, or the Traveler Rod and Reel Case, which includes a pocket specifically designed for the reel. You can leave the reel on the rod while keeping everything else in one place with the rod and reel cases