MollyMutt: The Dog Bed Dogs Love

Recently, we were invited to review the MollyMutt Bed for our readers and offer a giveaway. The MollyMutt Bed was something I’d heard about so I was excited to try them out. The website is easy to use and allows you to shop by size or style. It was difficult to narrow down our selection from more than 25 beautiful patterns. They also come with eco-friendly dog beds that include armor lining, stuff bags, pillow packs and duvets. The covers can be monogrammed with your dog’s name.

Who is MollyMutt and What Are Their Secrets?

Their website states that Molly, the co-founder of their organization, is a person (I thought it was a dog too), who lived in a tiny apartment at the top of one of San Francisco’s hills. She had to drag her dog beds down hills and uphills to the laundromat every time they got dirty. The MollyMutt was born from this tedious chore.

What is a MollyMutt Bed?

This is a brilliant idea that saves time and money, while still making a fashion statement.

The first step is to buy the 100% cotton canvas duvet or casing in the size and design you prefer. I chose the Landslide duvet in aqua (medium).

You can add the stuff bag, armor (a water resistant liner), and a bolster to your order. A DIY kit can be combined and saved to save cat pillows money. Duvet covers for outdoor use are made of a blend of poly/cotton and treated to resist water.

Step two is to stuff it with old clothes, towels and pillows. You can fill it with whatever you like. This is where the bed differs from other dog beds on the market. Two commercial dog beds are available with removable zippered liners. You can also stuff the fills into your washing machine. The MollyMutt Bed can be filled with items that are scented to your dog’s liking. This is particularly helpful for dogs with leopard print separation anxiety.

The Test

I filled his bed with pillows from my own bed. I placed his new bed side-by-side in my living room. He would sometimes choose the older one, but he preferred this one. My scent may just be his winning factor. He loves his mama!